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Integrated Design: The Reality of Implementation of Sustainable Design

As the building industry embraces sustainable design practices at a rapidly increasing rate, the professionals involved are increasing their knowledge and inventing new technologies just as quickly. This is the change that is necessary in order to work towards the goals of mitigating climate change, minimizing the negative impact on the planet, and creating healthy environments; but there is still a sizeable piece missing in the puzzle. The main barrier preventing the design of truly green buildings is not a lack of technology or information. The challenge is the stubborn existence of a design and construction process which is not holistic—it does not capitalize on the increasing knowledge and innovation each team member can offer.

Widespread acceptance of the integrated design process is the missing piece needed to catapult the design and construction industry into a trajectory of deep green, even restorative, buildings and communities.

The main topics covered will be:

  • What is Integrated Design? …Really.
  • How and When to Implement Integrated Design
  • How Integrated Design elevates the LEED process
  • Cost: Yes, Integrated Design Can Save Money
  • Real‐Life Examples

Participants will walk away from this Webinar with a clear understanding of integrated design, how to introduce the process to project teams, its advantages (and disadvantages), and tools for overcoming the collective hesitation to shift out of the comfort zone of the routine process.

Speaker's Bio: Alexandra Ramsden.

Product Code: WS-120410
Year Published: 2012

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