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What Happens When Green Becomes Code: Do Buildings Get Better or Do Lawyers Get Richer?

The inevitable is about to happen and most people don't even know it is coming—green buildings are going to become, by codification, the law of the land. For some firms, this will just mean business as usual. For other firms, this change will be cataclysmic.

ASHRAE produces standards that are adopted by most model building codes, and the ASHRAE Draft Standard 189.1P is the new "Standard for the Design of High Performance Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings."

This new ASHRAE Standard is written in code language and will have the impact of mandating that all new buildings will be green buildings, thus eliminating the option of constructing anything less robust. Even if this standard is not adopted by all model codes, it will become the de facto standard of care.

On the surface this sounds like a very good thing—mandating better performing, more energy efficient buildings—and it certainly has many redeeming aspects.

This Web seminar will address the following points:

  1. Becoming aware that green buildings are going to become, by codification, the law of the land—which for some firms will just mean business as usual, but for other firms will be cataclysmic;
  2. Understanding that designers and contractors will soon be forced to implement building features that many do not fully understand, leading to more frequent building failures as firms design and construct buildings with complex components in an effort to keep the work coming in;
  3. Realizing that what are now considered “best practices” will soon be considered the minimum standard of care, increasing the risk profile of many projects and potentially triggering some exclusion clauses in current insurance policies;
  4. Seeing that national mandates rarely take into consideration the unique requirements of differing regions around the country (e.g., hot and humid, very cold, or very rainy climates); and
  5. Acknowledging that the inevitable result will be that everyone will quickly morph into a green practitioner, so that the true marketplace differentiators (those with experience and unique technical expertise) will become difficult to discern, thus design and construction deficiencies and lawsuits will increase.

Speaker Bio: George DuBose

Product Code: WS-101104

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